What is DecideGuide?

A simple-to-use interactive tool that answers your questions with personalized guidance, relevant content and an action plan. 

Make better financial decisions in less time. 

Get back to life.

How does DecideGuide help me?

DecideGuide replaces cookie-cutter information, useless jargon and time spent searching, with on-demand personalized guidance and practical knowledge.

" Financial decisions can be so stressful and industry terms confusing and DecideGuide just takes all that away.         ~Cathy 

DecideGuide is your personal digital financial advisor.


Everyone has to make lots of financial decisions.  Not everyone has a trusted advisor on call.



Now you do.

With DecideGuide do-it-myself doesn't have to mean do-it-alone. 


Quick and Easy to Use 

DecideGuide answers your question & creates your personal action plan in 4 simple steps

DecideGuide saves you time, money and worry


Harry and Sally have the same financial question:

Do I need life insurance or disability insurance?



With just one answer DecideGuide is able to put them on a path of value 

It's time to enroll in employee benefits. Harry and Sally are deciding whether to pay for life or disability insurance. They start by searching online, and receive 32 million results. So, they turn to DecideGuide. With one question DecideGuide creates each person's personal decision path.


The best way to the right decision is answering the right questions

Explore the questions DecideGuide can help you answer and don't forget to ask your own 

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DecideGuide is built on science by fiduciary financial experts.

Only fiduciaries are legally & ethically required to put your best interest first

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